I decided to built my own "big" jet
Reasons that brought me to this: Several times I crashed with my model because it was difficult to see it - so I need something bigger.
I want to show EDFs I produce using its full potential - with all the performance and proper sound of the jet speeding low above the ground.
I want the plane to look good, with smaller wings, strong body and big size with smaller air resistance and low weight. At the end I choosed F-16. Looks little bit "rocketish". There are some issues with gear but nothing I couldn´t handle.
Material - requirements: less intense work (more work for cnc and less for hands), reasonable weight, solidity and resistant surface. Easy fixing in case of crash. Possibility to exchange blocks and only local deformations made my opinion - I decided to construct from extruded polystyren, which will be lightened up. Surface will be created from two layers of laminated 80g /m2 glass.
I would love to have construction-based model, but that solution brings a lot of troubles in repair process. In case of crash there is no way how to bring plane to its original state. In case of polystyren I just cut out damaged block, recreate it, glue it in and laminate again. Another advantage of polystyren is easy creation of air ducts - by the way those are realy important for optimal usage of performance of EDF.
So the decision is made. It will be F-16, lenght 2400, wing-span 1630, Weight 8kg (unlikely), but 9kg would be ok and 10kg is also a functional option.
1130X.jpg 1130X.jpg 1130X.jpg 1130X.jpg

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