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Production of EDFs.
Price of EDF Fiendfan 65-3 : 1300, Kč VAT incl.
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EDF manual

new max 8 blade

EDF is designed for engines with 28mm diameter,limit: 65000 RPM
Made of carbon composite, balanced.
Attachement of the motor is allowing great cooling (motor is with a direct contact with circulating air) .
Thurst is over 1 kg (despite of high speed air circulation).

I read somewhere that there is a low efficiency of an EDF comparing to a propeller. Well if you are hovering than yes. But with higher speed, efficiency of an EDF grows comparing to a propeller which is losing it. So depends on how fast you want to fly.

edf Fiendfan 65 mm/6 blade, motor Het 1W-40 3300Kv 18V 100 A

Motor: HET2W-25 2720KV, older battery 6 lipol 1300 mAh 25C
550 W = static thrust 1,050 Kg, 54800 RPM.

3 lipol, Motor mega 16/15/2, static thrust 650 g